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12 CFP® Professionals

2,000+ Clients currently served

1 Chartered Financial Analyst®


12 CFP® Professionals


2,000+ Clients currently served


1 Chartered Financial Analyst®
Sequence of Returns: The Hidden Retirement Risk

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✓ Coordinate your estate, insurance, & tax plans

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TVAMP has 7 CFP® Professionals


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Unbiased financial advice in all these areas:

Retirement Planning

Slow down your professional career and maintain your financial stability throughout retirement.

Tax Strategies

Take advantage of tax legislation and planning strategies to keep more money in your pocket.

Investment Management

Unbiased investment advice to manage risk and help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Insurance Planning

Explore opportunities to mitigate or transfer risk, and protect those most important to you.

Estate Planning

Design the legacy you want to leave for your loved ones and the causes closest to your heart.

Foundation Planning

Master the basics and lay the groundwork for long term financial success.

We meet you where you are in your financial journey.

Financial plans rooted in purpose help you fully invest in what matters. That’s Living Invested.

Jeff Sweat, CFP®

Senior Partner | Wealth Advisor

From our blog:

Welcome, Josh Stidham, CFP®!

Welcome, Josh Stidham, CFP®!

Knoxville, TN – TVAMP, a leading financial planning and investment management firm*, proudly announces the addition of Wealth Advisor Josh Stidham, CFP® to their team. Stidham is from Knoxville but has spent the last seven years with a national brokerage firm in Lone...

Baby Boomers: 7 Life Transitions Ahead

Baby Boomers: 7 Life Transitions Ahead

Most baby boomers will face seven key events in their last stage of life that will color their finances and investments. Prepare for these events by thinking about them now. It can be dangerous to generalize about the baby boom generation, but there are seven key...

2024 First Quarter Wrap Up

2024 First Quarter Wrap Up

Until recently, much of our investment advice has emphasized the importance of maintaining your investment strategy, even when it’s tempting to jump out during market declines.   Year to date, tables have been turning. Not only have many broad markets delivered...

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