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You Can Fall in Love with Your Future Through Financial Planning

In honor of Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time to fall in love with your future.

This means looking at your finances, debts, and assets and developing a plan to maximize your quality of life in the years ahead. Financial stability brings peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on living your life with purpose.

Some gifts to give yourself and your loved ones:
  • Stick to a budget and reduce your debt. Developing the optimum budget requires you to be mindful of your true expenses and looking for ways to trim unnecessary costs on a regular basis. When it comes to debt, even if you’ve racked up balances on multiple credits cards or through loans, you can use the snowball technique to steadily chip away at it by paying what extra funds you can toward your highest interest debt, then moving on to the next highest once it’s paid off.


  • Boost your retirement savings.  Never assume you will have enough money to retire without planning. Your Social Security benefits might not provide sufficient income to maintain your existing lifestyle once you stop working. Determine the amount of post-retirement income you’ll need to live comfortably and developing a savings plan to reach that. Learn about 401(K)s and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Call or email us if you’d like to discuss your retirement savings. (865) 226-9982 |  [email protected] 


  • Consult professionals. It can be valuable to consult with a qualified financial professional, who can offer guidance and an objective input on how on keeping your financial affairs on target to meet your goals. As experienced financial planners, the team at TVAMP helps bring clarity and confidence to their clients’ life through financial planning and investment management. Our mission is to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives.

If you’re ready to get started or would like one of our advisors to review your retirement savings, give us a call (or email) today! (865) 226-9982 | [email protected]