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This is an exciting year for us! We’re celebrating 10 years of providing outstanding personal financial services and helping clients Live Invested® in 2021.

In 2011, senior partners Scott Fisher, Jeff Foster and Jeff Sweat founded TVAMP when they aligned their three independent financial advising practices. Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed a standard of care that exceeds expectations and focuses solely on the best results for our clients. As independent and fiduciary financial advisors, we’re committed to providing our clients the most appropriate advice. We initiate regular communication, and we encourage those we serve to bring life’s many financial challenges to us as they arise.

But, now, we’re looking ahead to the milestones of the next 10 years and beyond for both our existing clients and those looking to stabilize their futures. So, whether you are retired, approaching retirement, mid-career, young professional, TVAMP have the experience to guide you away from potential pitfalls and in the direction of your goals. The cornerstone of our client/advisor relationship is transparency, helping clients understand every detail of their financial plan, the specific investments we manage for them and the exact cost of working with us.

Our job is to help you live the best possible life with the resources you have acquired. We form a relationship with you, learn your money goals and look at your current financial picture. Then we lay out an action plan designed to help guide you toward your dreams. A TVAMP financial advisor becomes your financial coach, recommending actions and keeping you disciplined as we work toward your goals.

Ready to look toward the future? TVAMP advisors provide customized investment management to help clients pursue long-term goals. Our investment strategies match clients’ needs, risk tolerance and resources. For more information, call (865) 226-9982 or visit https://www.tvamp.net/.