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This weekend, on February 20th, we threw a birthday party to celebrate five years of partnership. It was a blast! We had been wanting to do an event that incorporated kids for quite some time, but didn’t know exactly where or how we should do it. Fortunately, we have a great support system that extends far outside of our office walls! After brainstorming, we decided to make our birthday a family fun day and have it at GymTek Academy!

A little backstory on us—

In November of 2011, Jeff Foster, Scott Fisher, and Jeff Sweat aligned their independent financial advising practices in order to form a solid foundation for the future. They chose to name their new partnership Tennessee Valley Asset Management Partners. Also joining in the partnership was Nick Weissfeld, Luke Bowes, Lisa Wyrick, Brenda Shepherd, and Allyson Phillips.

The partners first met while they were working at Edward Jones Investments. They all shared a dream of going independent in order to better serve clients. They became close friends and the rest is history!

Since partnering, TVAMP has added six new staff members: Cindy Card (Fall of 2013), and then Kallee Kirby (Fall of 2014).  A year later, four more: Keith Sharp, Logan Bailey, Teresa Reed, and Kyle McFarland.

TVAMP has a strong team and we are excited for what lies in the years ahead! We are blessed to have wonderful clients, friends, and family surrounding us. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us! We had a great 5th birthday!