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We’d like you to get to know Joseph Williams, the newest addition to the TVAMP team! He joined TVAMP as a Service Advisor in February of 2023.



Joseph grew up in Jacksboro, TN (as did Jeff Sweat, CFP®). He earned a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While in college, Joseph became interested in the stock market. This interest compelled him to compete in the Haslam College of Business’ semester-long fantasy investing competition— an opportunity geared toward students majoring in finance.




Upon graduation, Joseph was happy to land a full-time position in the transportation industry— going to work for FirstExpress in Nashville. Here he learned the importance of customer relations and real-time problem solving. (Minus the minor league baseball stint, this was a similar path Jeff Foster, CFP® took.)


After a couple of years in logistics, Joseph decided it was time to pivot to a career more in line with his true passion: investing. He began working for a local investment management firm in Knoxville.


Joseph’s career evolution still wasn’t complete.


Through his position with the local investment management firm, Joseph learned more about the Certified Financial Planner™ profession. He realized comprehensive wealth management is the key to unlocking long-term wealth.


His role at TVAMP


As a Service Advisor at our main office in Knoxville, Joseph serves as the Wealth Advisors’ right-hand-man. He monitors our clients’ overall financial progress, follows up on action items, and helps our clients handle financial operational tasks.


He aspires to earn the CFP® professional designation.


Personal life


Joseph enjoys playing the guitar, golfing, and hanging out with his two dogs, Emmitt and Bodie.

Q & A


What made you decide to go into the financial planning industry?

“I chose financial planning because it’s meaningful work that makes a lasting impact on peoples lives, and I wanted a fulfilling career.”

What do you love about TVAMP?

“I love that TVAMP feels more like a family! You can make more personal relationships with both coworkers as well as clients.”

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