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We are pleased to announce Senior Partner and Wealth Advisor Scott Fisher, CFP® has earned the Behavior Financial Advisor (BFA™) certification.


About the BFA™


To earn the BFA™ certification, financial advisors must complete two in-depth training courses and pass a final exam, which equips them to integrate their conventional financial knowledge with findings from psychology and neuroscience— aka Behavioral Finance. The BFA™ was created by Kaplan Financial and Think2Perform.


Why the BFA™?


Fisher points out, “Managing and investing your money is an emotional affair. The BFA™ program taught me how to help clients confront negative feelings and false beliefs around their finances and develop a healthier relationship with money. This type of ‘financial therapy’ can be especially comforting when the market takes us for a wild ride. Emotional decisions are costing investors a lot more than they think.”




Fisher has 24 years of experience as a Wealth Advisor. He began by operating independently in North Knoxville. In 2011, he and two other local advisors merged their practices to found TVAMP— It was their collective dream to create a wealth management team that was equipped to help more people continue long after their careers end.


Over the past decade, TVAMP has been trusted by hundreds of clients at local and national companies as they approach important retirement/pension decisions. “I’m already using what I learned to have more effective spending and saving conversations with my investors. Just like the CFP® professional designation, I believe the BFA™ will be a sought-after designation as people choose their Wealth Advisor,” Fisher explains.




TVAMP helps clients get their financial house in order and make smart financial decisions. They make things simple so clients can focus on what matters most and avoid expensive financial mistakes. TVAMP has an experienced team ready to help clients tackle all your financial planning needs: Retirement planning, Investment Management, Estate Planning, Tax Strategies, Education Savings, and Foundation Planning. TVAMP can help clients go from overwhelmed to empowered with a financial plan.



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