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Rob Eddins, CFP TVAMP Knoxville, TN

Tom Young’s desire to be an active participant in his clients’ lives led him to become a financial advisor. He knows that when people feel intimidated by the complexity of managing their finances, they often just procrastinate or worse, unknowingly make financial mistakes.  Tom likes to golf, camp, and dine with friends.

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When I think about why I love my job, I think the number one reason is because I get energy out of helping people. 

As a Wealth Advisor at TVAMP in Knoxville, I have a special opportunity to help people become a better version of themselves. Money is one of the main causes of stress for everyone. By helping my clients prioritize their goals, and by putting the proper financial planning in place for their specific needs, I’m able to alleviate a lot of that stress and make a positive impact on their well-being. That gives me a lot of joy. It’s a special feeling when you get to help  someone accomplish a goal they’ve set for themselves.

A good financial advisor is more than just someone who gets their clients the best possible return on their investments.

A good financial advisor partners with their clients, earns their trust, and guides them through life’s ups and downs. I believe the value I bring as an advisor goes well beyond the performance in the accounts.

Lastly, I think everyone is motivated by different things, and my biggest motivation is a desire to be significant.

By significant I mean, I want my work to have real value and lasting impact. I’m blessed to be in a field that fulfills that desire perfectly. I’m happy I landed at a great company like TVAMP which provides valuable resources and support I need to be the best advisor I can be. 

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