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Brenda processes documents, updates client information, schedules appointments, and she’s one of the first people you talk to when you call TVAMP.

Brenda is an exceptional Executive Office Administrator here at TVAMP. She was (and still is) instrumental in helping create the various “TVAMP processes” that were created when the three practices merged in 2011. We utilize these processes every day to ensure consistency in our workflows and to better serve each client. She started working alongside Jeff Sweat in 1997. She has encountered all kinds of unique financial situations and says she “has grown to love many clients like family members.”

Brenda is a type two on the Enneagram scale, also known as the “Helper.” Naturally, she enjoys being on the front lines to take calls and greet you with a cheerful voice. Brenda is also a caregiver for her elderly mother, who moved in with her a couple of years ago. We are blessed to have her because of her dedication to our clients and our team.

Brenda loves spending warm evenings and weekends outdoors with her husband and their grandchildren. She’s visited a few different countries while taking cruises, but says she plans to travel more in the near future. Brenda’s youngest daughter has been working as a missionary in Guatemala for the past three years. She was able to take some well-deserved time off to visit her daughter last year.  Brenda says, “I love experiencing the world. It renews your mindset.”

Brenda appeared in our spring 2020 Live Invested newsletter. 

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