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It’s almost summertime, and just as the flowers are in bloom, so are we. Earlier this year, we expanded into a fourth location! Our new west Knoxville office will serve as a headquarters for us. While a few of us will work here all of the time, the Partners and Office Administrators will split their time between our new location and their original offices to meet with clients.

We have been gradually making things cozy. With the help of Andrea, Scott Fisher’s wife, we have beautifully decorated the place! There are three spaces we are super excited about having at this location!

First, we decided we wanted to have a space in which children- ours or yours- could feel at home! So we made one of the office spaces into a lounge room for kids! This space includes a desk and chair, a white board, futon, pillow, blanket, flat screen television, two bean bag chairs, Lego bricks, Crayons, and a huge Volunteer “T” painted on the wall!


Next, we have an open office area. It is the first thing you will notice when you walk in our front door, besides the cozy couches and chairs that are located in the front lobby. By having our group work out in the open, we can encourage collaboration and teamwork to ensure our clients receive the highest levels of service!


And finally, we have a planning room. We informally refer to it as the “orange room” because it has a large, comfy orange couch. More importantly, this room features our planning wall: a group of seven whiteboards where we map out your entire financial landscape. The whiteboards are becoming an integral part of our planning process.


Besides this beautiful space, our favorite thing about this location is the togetherness it brings to our team. We truly enjoy being together more often! Even through our growth, we are working hard to maintain and strengthen our client relationships and community involvement!

If you are ever in the area, feel free to drop in. We’d love to show you around!