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Knoxville, TN —TVAMP, an SEC registered RIA headquartered in Knoxville, TN is pleased to announce the addition of Perry Chesney, CFP®.

Perry has joined Scott Fisher, CFP®, BFA®, Jeff Foster, CFP® and Jeff Sweat, CFP®, and Luke Bowes, CFA as equity partners and holds the title of Managing Partner at TVAMP.

Perry began his career in financial planning in 1982; spending 22 years with Merrill Lynch before moving to Atlanta to manage their high-net-worth business. After his significant leadership roles at SunTrust, Robinson Humphrey, and Wealthcare Capital Management, Perry launched his own consulting business in 2015 which helped advisors and their clients make smart financial decisions.

“We are delighted to add another dimension to our staff of professional management by bringing Perry on board,” says partner Scott Fisher. “This allows us to focus on what we love most and are best at – helping clients.”

“Perry is a seasoned veteran in the business and his 42-year career as an advisor, mentor and manager for both public and private organizations add a depth of experience and wisdom which is difficult to find,” says Jeff Sweat.

The combined entity will be a multi-custodial RIA with offices in the Southeast and clients throughout the United States.

Perry comments: “I have always wanted to be a part of, and help build, an organization that not only shared my vision that we are in a helping profession but who also were devoted to the idea of professional excellence that accrues to the benefit of our clients. It has really been my life’s work to try and help other advisors be excellent across every dimension of our business – great technical skills, great communication skills and radical honesty so that the legacy we leave can be numbered in the literally thousands of clients who will be the beneficiary of our work.”



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