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May Breakfast With Us Synopsis

The Show

Have you seen the Netflix show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? For those who haven’t seen it, Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant, visits her clients’ homes to help them become more organized and reclaim their space – using a revolutionary, yet simple tidying method called the KonMari Method.

Our Breakfast Workshop

Our guest speaker, Monika Miller, trained with Marie Kondo and her team to help others transform their homes–and lives–by choosing what sparks joy and letting go of the rest. She is a Certified Silver KonMari Consultant who helps people make room for their lives through her decluttering and home organization company Bower & Bird. At our May Breakfast with Us, Monika shared her insider knowledge, pro organizing tips, and experiences of guiding clients through this uplifting process.

What We Learned from Monika Miller

The 6 KonMari Core Principles:

1. Commit to tidying up completely
2. Envision your ideal home and life –write it down (this gives you a goal to inspire your work)
3. Let go first, organize second
4. Tidy by category – not by location/room
5. Follow the correct order: Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous, Sentimental
6. Only keep items that spark joy

Lasting Results

The KonMari method is not just about getting rid of stuff. It’s about identifying what you love and finding a place for each item you keep.
Sometimes guilt can hinder people from letting go of things that they don’t want, such as gifts or excess sentimental items. However, Monika reminded us, it’s better to have a few meaningful things that you see or use each day, rather than a truckload of things put away in storage.

You only need to do a KonMari tidying event once in your life. After that, your home can be maintained with minimal effort each day. Monika says, “It takes me four to eight 5hr sessions to complete a tidying project with a client. Those working on their own should budget three to four times that amount of time. Either way, you and your new life are worth the investment.”

Your New Life

If you’re approaching retirement, committing to decluttering using the KonMari method can help you prepare for your new life. We like to ask pre-retirees, “What do you plan on retiring to? What do you look forward to in retirement? Letting go of things and then organizing them inspires a calm, motivated mindset.
These same principles can be applied to your finances.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy can be applied to tidying up your financial life:

1. Create a financial plan
2. Imagine what you want your life to look like
3. Prioritize what you want to save and invest and in what order
4. Discard spending habits that don’t spark joy
5. Categorize your dreams (short-term and long-term)

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, details her unique process

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