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The recent Glasgow Wealth Management (GWM) partnership has been a lot of fun for us! Not only do we love getting to work more closely with Carol and Phil, we like locking arms with like-minded advisors. Both parties feel that we make a great team! Phil’s number one concern is his existing clients, and he and Carol are overjoyed with the positive response from their clients!

Last Thursday evening, TVAMP helped host a GWM client appreciation event at Fox Den Country Club, to celebrate this partnership! Their clients enjoyed dinner and entertainment with our team! The dinner was delicious, and the entertainment was hilarious! For those of you who don’t know, Phil is passionate about laughing. He counts it a great blessing to be friends with Jeff Allen, world famous comedian. Jeff  put on a show for us after the dinner and had everyone belly-laughing! The jokes were relatable, clean, and kept everyone in stitches!

This event was to officially introduce GWM clients to TVAMP. It was a great evening! Phil and Carol appreciate everyone who attended and missed the ones who couldn’t. The Glasgow’s admit, “Personal finance is a serious subject, but every now and then you have to treat yourself to a good laugh.”

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