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The call that changed my life forever.



Josh Klinger is a Wealth Advisor at TVAMP. He believes that wealth isn’t a privilege. Individuals and families must make consistent, conscientious financial decisions and exercise patience. He is actively involved in the community and enjoys working out.


Losing My Father

Six years ago, my father passed away unexpectedly. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I had just returned home from the gym around 8:30 PM when I received a frantic call from my dad’s girlfriend, Lisa. It was the night of the men’s college basketball championship. Louisville was playing Michigan, the same Michigan team that knocked Jarnell Stokes, Jordan McRae, Josh Richardson, Cuonzo Martin and the Tennessee Vols out of the Sweet 16.


It was a call that changed my life. Lisa informed me that my father had suffered some complications, aspirated, lost oxygen to his brain and was being care-flighted to the local hospital. I immediately got in my car and drove home to Dayton, OH. My father would never come out of a coma. I’d never talk to him again.


Handling His Estate

I share this story because unbeknownst to me, my father had not made sure his financial affairs were in order. He had a will that was created when my parents were married (they had been divorced 5+ years before). My mom had to serve as executor of the estate, even though they were no longer married. He had investment accounts without beneficiaries. For anyone who’s been through wealth transfer on investment accounts without beneficiaries, it can feel like a nightmare. In my father’s situation, creditors attached liens to his accounts and had priority to the money. It felt like trying to untangle a complicated knot – all while we were still grieving. In addition to these things, he had no life insurance. Unfortunately, my dad never met with a financial advisor.


Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

I’m sharing this story to remind everyone how important it is to us at TVAMP to help you take care of the things most important to you – your loved ones. Had someone encouraged and/or called on my dad to meet and set up his estate, I believe he would have done it to support me, his only child. He was a brilliant person, but like so many, he didn’t prioritize making sure his financial affairs were in order. It was this depressing situation that motivated me to pursue a career in wealth management. TVAMP takes pride in working with individuals and families to help them get their financial house in order.


Streamline all of this with TVAMP

At TVAMP, we understand that life happens. Certain daily routines take priority, but I encourage everyone reading this to take the time to sit down with your financial advisor. You owe it to yourself and your family. To streamline the process, we can consult with your attorney. If your financial house is not in order, or you need to review your current plan, call us to schedule a meeting. We’ll have freshly baked cookies waiting for you at our main office!


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