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This past Thursday we partnered with Contemporary Women’s Health (CWH), for the second year in row, to host an event called “Rock The Block!” It was a fun Ladies Night Out event that we are proud to be a part of each year! This event was inspired, created, and hosted by hard-working local women.

Local boutiques setup mini shops for our attendees to browse some of their latest clothes, home décor, makeup, etc. We had drinks, snacks, and live music! The CWH’s porch and lawn area offered a great setting for our event! Not to mention the weather was perfect.

You might still be wondering: Why would TVAMP help host a women’s event? Glad you asked! October is widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month—which sparks a month-long women’s health campaign—PINK EVERYWHERE! And less commonly known, October is National Financial Planning Month! Our friendship with CWH triggered an idea: Let’s partner to host an event that promotes/celebrates women’s well-being, physical and financial! We want the event to be fun and informative. This year, we gave all the women a pamphlet called “Women, Wealth, and Legacy Planning.”

TVAMP and CWH have a lot more in common than you might think! You’re thinking yeah, right… A female doctor’s office/medi-spa and an investment firm have something in common? Phhhh, Come on! Well, we notice three things we do that are alike: Our comprehensive approach, our customized service, and use of modern technology. Much like CWH’s approach to their patient’s physical health, our approach to our client’s financial health is holistic. We look at your entire financial situation so we can offer the most customized advice possible. Contemporary Women’s Health addresses women’s entire health situation so that they can care for their patients’ to the best of their ability. Also, we both strive to utilize modern technology so we can offer the highest level of service. At TVAMP, when creating financial plans, we utilize the latest tools in technology, much like the doctors and aestheticians at CWH do when caring for their patients. We think that’s pretty neat!

It was a fun event and thank you to those who came! If you weren’t able to make it, please be sure to look out for next year’s! You can use the arrows on the sides of the images to scroll through some of the photos we took…