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Breakfast With Us 2018 Has Been a Success, Thanks To You!

You’ve been seeing this smiling pancake plate for a while now…

This year, we’ve hosted NINE Breakfast with Us events!  That’s nine different guest speakers, hosted by eight different TVAMP advisors (Burt Peake is an overachiever!), at five different locations, and an unbelievable amount of coffee served!  We began this series in November of 2016 and have been going strong ever since…  It will be tough to top it next year, but we’re looking forward to the challenge!

Even if you couldn’t attend, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Breakfast with Us summaries!

Our “Breakfast With Us” events are brief, educational gatherings that we host at the end of the month from 8:30 – 9:30 am.  The goal is to help our clients learn something that could improve their well-being, get to know our team of wealth advisors better, and provide a delicious breakfast to all our attendees!

Here’s a quick recap of each event:


  • Next up was Burt Peake. He took us to the Apple Store in West Town Mall, where the employees demonstrated “Tips and Tricks” when it comes to using your iPhone! We included some of those valuable little tidbits in our blog post about it!



  • Next on the schedule was Michael Conbreakfastaty… His topic was: “How to Build a Better Breakfast.”  We gathered at Whole Foods on Papermill (they have an excellent hot breakfast bar) for a presentation on how to eat the Whole Foods Way.


  • Before we knew it, it was May, and it was Jeff Sweat, CFP®’s turn! He brought in Janet Seiber, Registered Dietician at UT Medical Center!  She spoke to us about making healthy choices on a budget and even outlined weekly meal plans!


  • In June it was all up to Jimmy Munsey! He invited local CPA, Kay Honey, to explain the 2018 Tax Law Changes – something we were all curious about! We have a copy of her insightful presentation here.


  • As summer fun was in full swing, and the last thing on people’s minds might be health care, Clint Foster brought in Ben Clark with HealthMarkets to talk to us about some of our top health insurance concerns. 


  • We took August off, but got right back to it in September! We were honored to have former NFL punter and Super Bowl champion, Craig Colquitt speak.


Our wealth advisors have an impressive network of professional contacts and neighbors who can be a great resource for your well-being.

That’s why we started this series and that’s why we’ll continue it.  We gained positive feedback from our attendees and even received some ideas for future events.  We credit the success of this year’s Breakfast With Us series to you – our clients, our friends, and our family! Thanks for attending.

Our final breakfast of 2018 was November 8th! Burt Peake invited his friend and audiologist, Brandy Breeden to speak about hearing loss.


Guest speakers and entities listed are not affiliated with TVAMP.


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