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Burt Peake, Jr., CRC® is a Wealth Advisor with 30 years of experience working with Knoxvillians. He was born and raised in Asheville, NC. His favorite hobby is fly-fishing in the smokies. Recently, Burt realized he enjoys writing blogs!


“Much like sailing big yachts, the argument can be made that the same human element can be the difference-maker in investing.”


Going to an America’s Cup sailing race is on my bucket list.

The two glistening 72 foot sailboats sitting at dock on San Francisco Bay. They are each $10 million of the latest, state-of-the-art, yachting technology. The crews are anxiously making last-minute preparations as they await the horn signaling the time to head to the starting mark for the America’s Cup finals. To this point, no expense has been spared to find the best design, the best construction methods, the best way to reduce weight and increase strength in these boats. There is on-board radar, multiple computers running algorithms predicting winds, measuring waves, and plotting courses.

There is truly very little difference in the two boats as much of the same technology went into both.

Every time technology gains an advantage, all of the opposing boats adopt those changes. From a level playing field point of view, the boats are remarkably similar. Equal scrutiny was applied to the selection of the captain and his crew of sailors. In the end, the human element will likely decide between winner and loser. The team with the most experience and skill stands a strong chance of emerging victorious. Eliminating mistakes that could result in costly seconds, or even disastrous errors that could capsize the boat, fall upon the shoulders of the crew.

Much like sailing the big yachts, the argument can be made that the same human element can be a difference-maker in investing.

Some folks “sail” their investments based upon what a friend or co-worker does. Others sail blindly, charting a learn-as-you go course, leaving much to chance with their investments. Some people sail in a fog, spreading money over several investments then they never open the statements for fear that things might not be going too well. Out of sight is out of mind.

It often makes good sense for an investor to hire a “captain…”

… Or advisor, with the knowledge and experience to steer away from pitfalls that could hurt them, and into strategies that improve chances for success. One nautical slogan goes something like “We can’t control the winds, but we can adjust our sails”. Translated to investments, “We can’t control the markets, but we can adjust our portfolio”. Another of my favorite nautical quotes is “Calm seas do not a good sailor make”. Translated “Maybe it is a pretty good thing to have an advisor who has been through the tough times, and learned important the lessons along the way”. Sometimes, there is just no substitute for experience. In this, sailing and investing are very similar.

At TVAMP, we have assembled a “crew” of advisors, planners, and support staff with diversified backgrounds and experience.

As we go about our important job of helping clients meet financial goals, we draw upon each other’s background and experience to deliver the most appropriate advice possible to each, and every client. Like the crew on the victorious America’s Cup boat, we believe that through working together to maximize our strengths, we can be the difference makers in helping to “victoriously” deliver your investment portfolio to the harbor of goals that you set. We take that job seriously.