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Jesse Loveday

Wealth Advisor

Jesse joined the TVAMP family in 2018. As an independent financial advisor and fiduciary, he has the tools and responsibility to present strategic pathways that help clients address their top concerns and pursue financial freedom. Previously, Jesse worked for a local benefits management firm partnering with employee benefits professionals to provide goal-oriented solutions for benefits administrators. As a lead representative, he inspired others to positively impact more households.

Jesse also serves as our director of business development. He pursues opportunities for client growth, builds relationships, and maintains business partnerships. Jesse seeks to create long term value and sustainability for TVAMP.

He resides in South Knoxville with his family.

Living Invested

Jesse Loveday has an undeniable compassion for others. He also enjoys working out. Every Saturday, you can find him catching an early morning Cross Fit WOD (workout of the day), then coffee and breakfast with his fellow cross-fitters in South Knoxville. It’s not just about attaining physical fitness and his competitive spirit that keeps him in the gym – it’s more about the camaraderie and friendships it brings. “Being better than the person I was yesterday,” is his favorite goal.

Jesse and his wife, Kaley, have three young children who keep them very active. They are members of Mt. Olive Church.

Favorite Quote

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.” -Harry Truman 

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