• Money Concerns for those remarrying

Money Concerns for Those Remarrying

Some of us will marry again in retirement. How many of us will thoroughly understand the financial implications that may come with tying the knot later in life?
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The Importance of TOD & JTWROS Designations

A convenient move that could ward off probate on your accounts.
TOD, JTWROS…what do these obscure acronyms signify? They are shorthand for transfer on death and joint tenancy with right of ownership – two designations that permit automatic transfer of bank or investment accounts from a deceased spouse to a surviving spouse.

This automatic transfer of assets […]

By |May 27th, 2014|Estate Planning, Financial Planning|

Major Risks to Family Wealth

Will your accumulated assets be threatened by them?
All too often, family wealth fails to last. One generation builds a business – or even a fortune – and it is lost in ensuing decades. Why does it happen, again and again?

It is because families fall prey to serious money blunders – old and new. Classic mistakes […]

By |October 5th, 2012|Estate Planning, Financial Planning|

IRA Missteps – A lack of knowledge can lead to problems and disappointments for your heirs.

Be vigilant, and be knowledgeable. Do you want to hand your heirs big tax problems? Would you like to hand the IRS a sizable chunk of your wealth? Probably not. But if you misunderstand the rules when it comes to inherited IRAs, you just might. Here are some missteps that IRA owners and IRA heirs […]

By |August 26th, 2011|Estate Planning|
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