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LPL Financial Research Midyear Outlook 2015

2015 Outlook: In Transit – LPL Research





Since the wind-down of the Great Recession in early 2009, the latest economic expansion has certainly delivered the goods and rewarded investors’ mailboxes with six consecutive calendar years of positive gains for stocks. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” has kept a lid on the continuation of one of history’s greatest bull market advances for stocks, and LPL Financial Research believes this trend of rising equity prices may continue in 2015.

LPL Research 2014 Mid-year Outlook

As LPL Financial Research expected, markets in 2014 have been less influenced by politics and policymakers than in 2013 and more dependent upon growth. Growth is an essential characteristic of all living things, and in 2014, growth is vital to LPL Financial Research’s outlook for the economy and markets.

How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

The economy works like a simple machine. But many people don’t understand it— or they don’t agree on how it works — and this has led to a lot of needless economic suffering.

LPL Research: The Investor’s Almanac

Click here to download your copy of LPL Research’s 2014 Outlook, ‘The Investor’s Alamanac’.

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