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Compared to What?

Ah, we restless humans. Sometimes, it pays to strive for greener grass. But as an investor, second-guessing a stable strategy can leave you in the weeds. Trading in reaction to excitement or fear tricks you into buying high (chasing popular trends) and selling low...

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How to be a better listener

Unfortunately, life doesn’t make it easy for us to tune things out and focus on what’s right in front of us. We carry everything we have going on in our lives from one moment to the next whether we want to or not. When we’re at home, we’re thinking about work. When...

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Preparedness, Not Prediction

It’s that time of year when economists and market “experts” lay out their predictions for GDP, inflation, stock returns, interest rates and everything else you can imagine for the year ahead. Our advice when it comes to these predictions – ignore them all. Most are...

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Wealth Advisor Jack Maloney Joins TVAMP

Knoxville, TN TVAMP is delighted to announce the addition of John “Jack” Maloney III to its growing team of Wealth Advisors. Jack brings 42 years of experience working with clients. Maloney’s decision to join TVAMP is a testament to the firm’s dedication to providing...

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