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Tips, tools, and tricks of-the-trade for retirees and pre-retirees.


Watch our Wealth Advisors break down complex financial education topics like Medicare and Women’s Retirement.

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Download our free financial educational guides to learn how to navigate areas like tax planning and Social Security.

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On-Demand Webinars

Compatible on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Hosted by Jeff Foster, CFP®

Estate Planning

  • How to avoid the costly probate process
  • How a will is different than a trust
  • How the SECURE Act changed estate planning
  • Potentially protect your nest egg from nursing home and long-term care costs

Hosted by Scott Fisher, CFP®, BFA™

Retirement Tax Planning

  • Potential steps to take to make sure Uncle Sam gets as little as possible
  • What the SECURE Act is how it changed IRAs or 401ks
  • Steps to consider to help you avoid paying unnecessary taxes from an IRA

Hosted by Josh Klinger, J.D., CFP®

Social Security Blueprint

  • Why Social Security is the first step to creating an income plan
  • What you MUST KNOW about Social Security before making a claiming decision
  • Creative timing strategies that may help married couples

Hosted by Melissa Mijares

Women’s Retirement Roadmap

  • Why income planning is more important for women
  • How to feel comfortable about retiring
  • How to increase your Social Security benefits
  • Identify major issues death of your spouse can cause

More webinars are in the works!

Educational Guides

Short PDFs you can flip through to learn about important financial topics.

Social Security Guide Download


Social Security

  • The 7 factors that influence when you should begin taking benefits
  • How and when your Social Security may be taxable
  • Why your marital status can impact the optimal time to draw Social Security
Social Security Guide Download

3-Part Series

Estate Planning

  • Which legal documents you need
  • Scenarios a POA is helpful
  • How to reduce stress for the ones you leave behind
  • Tackling 3 common hurdles to getting started
  • How to complete your estate plan, step-by-step
Social Security Guide Download


Women, Wealth, and Well-Being

  • The rise of women’s power
  • Finding what wealth means to you
  • The right level of investment risk
  • 5 steps to build your foundation
Social Security Guide Download


The Hidden Retirement Risk

  • What sequence risk is
  • How sequence risk can derail your retirement
  • Ways to minimize your risk
Social Security Guide Download


Tax Planning

  • 4 key tools for tax planning
  • How to be tax-wise about investing
  • Tax-planning possibilities for 20+ life events

More guides coming soon!


No email required to access these handy documents you’ll use all year long!

Social Security Guide Download


Key Financial Numbers

All of the new numbers affecting taxes, health savings, Medicare, retirement, college planning, and more. An easy, convenient resource that you can post to your bulletin board and refer to whenever you want to check an assumption!

Social Security Guide Download


Retirement Checklist

Tasks and deadlines involving taxes, Medicare, retirement account distributions, year-end planning, and more. It’s an easy, convenient resource that you can post to your bulletin board and refer to whenever you want to check in on what needs doing.

Social Security Guide Download


Financial Fitness Checklist

This checkup covers all the important aspects of your life: family, goals, business or work, health, money, estate, retirement, and your future. Let us know what you answered ‘yes’ to! We’ve got plenty of strategies to keep you financially organized, protect your family, develop a retirement plan, and more.