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Navigating the Medicare Maze

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Turning 65 soon? Confused about Medicare?

A healthy couple retiring today can expect to spend $424,000 over their lifetime.*

Understanding what Medicare does and doesn’t cover, and how to address a shortfall can feel like trying to navigating a maze. This webinar guides you through how Medicare works so you’re better prepared to find a plan that fits you your needs.

What you’ll learn:

✓ Parts A, B, C, and D
✓ What it covers (and what it doesn’t)
✓ Premiums you’ll pay
✓ Penalties to avoid
✓ Medigap
✓ How (and when) to make a change to your Medicare
✓ What to know if you work past 65
✓ How to cover long-term care costs

and more!

*Source: Longtermcare.gov

Your Hosts:






Bob Labout, CDFA®

TVAMP Wealth Advisor

Bob helps couples and individuals just like you coordinate the best plan for their retirement savings, investment portfolio, tax strategies, insurance coverage, and so much more. He has 20 years of experience.







Kathy Cormier

Independent Medicare Specialist

Kathy helps folks in and around Knoxville understand what coverage they’ll need, clearly explains what they can expect to pay, and even helps them enroll for benefits. She has 10+ years of experience.

TVAMP is a separate from Kathy Cormier, Medicare Specialist.