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Retirement Tax Planning

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For most of us, retirement is the first time we’ll have to choose where our income comes from.

We know it can be challenging to navigate. We’ll show you how to make choices that may reduce your taxes in retirement.

What you’ll learn:

Exactly what changed with the biggest changes to the tax code in over 30 years

✓ Why now may be the right time to consider a Roth IRA conversion

✓ Why the SECURE Act made it even more important to take advantage of today’s low tax brackets

✓ Potentially gain more control over retirement savings and pay less to the IRS

✓ The IRA alternative that may help pay for healthcare AND lower taxes

✓ How the biggest retirement changes in a decade completely changed legacy planning for people with IRAs

Meet your host:

Scott Fisher, CFP®, BFA™

Scott Fisher, CFP®, BFA™

Wealth Advisor

Scott is a Knoxville native and seasoned Wealth Advisor with 23 years of experience. Scott loves to help his clients pursue their financial goals, find peace of mind, and cut through the complexity that comes with efficiently managing their money. As a husband and father, he understands the importance of managing wealth in a way that supports a fulfilling family life.