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Women’s Retirement Roadmap

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Ready to feel like you can retire with more confidence?

Only 12% of women feel “very confident” in their ability to comfortably retire.*

In this webinar, we discuss the retirement planning needs women have regardless of whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed. Go from confused to composed!

What you’ll learn:

✓ Why income planning for women is even more important than it is for men
✓ Find out the common Social Security mistakes to avoid (and 4 things you should know before claiming benefits)
✓ Identify major financial issues the death of a spouse could cause if you are not prepared
✓ Discover how you could increase your Social Security benefit by up to 132% (without working part-time)

and more!

Meet the host:

Melissa Mijares

Melissa Mijares

Wealth Advisor

Melissa is a wise Wealth Advisor with 11 years of experience. As a working mom, she understands the importance of managing wealth in a way that supports a fulfilling family life. Melissa loves to help her clients feel confident about their money.