Make Your 2015 IRA Contribution by April 18!

////Make Your 2015 IRA Contribution by April 18!

Make Your 2015 IRA Contribution by April 18!

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April 18 is the last day to fund you IRA!

April 18* is the deadline for your 2015 IRA contribution. If you did not contribute money to your IRA(s) during 2015 or contributed less than the maximum, you still have time to do so.


For 2015, the maximum amount you can contribute to an IRA (or across multiple IRAs, if you have more than one) is $5,500. If you turned 50 during 2015, your contribution limit is $6,500.1,2


Beat the rush and make your contribution well before the deadline. If you make your contribution at the last minute, you risk being at the mercy of technology issues and you may not have time to address errors.


The most common error people make is failing to specify the year of the contribution. Many IRA contributions are made in the weeks before the annual deadline, and as some IRA owners hurry to meet the deadline, they fail to tell their IRA custodian that their contribution is for the previous tax year.


If you do not indicate that your contribution is for the 2015 tax year on your check or deposit, the IRA custodian may apply it to 2016 instead (as 2016 IRA contributions have been allowed since the start of this year). So be sure to make that clear.1,2


If you would you like some help with your IRA contribution or more insight about all this, please call me or email us. We are happy to assist you.


*Normally, the annual IRA contribution deadline is April 15, but Friday, April 15, 2016 is Emancipation Day (a legal holiday) in the District of Columbia, which affects the deadline for all 50 states. Residents of Massachusetts and Maine have until April 19 to make their 2015 IRA contributions, as those states observe a legal holiday (Patriots Day) on April 18.


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. To determine which investment(s) and/or contributions may be appropriate for you, consult your financial or tax advisor prior to investing. Investing involves risks including the potential loss of principal.

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