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Our values are critical to what we do – we practice these in our everyday life. They all play a vital role in our ongoing relationship with our clients, ourselves and our community.


Having the right set of core values and being true to them. Everything that goes into the advice we offer is based solely on the best interest of our clients. Every TVAMP employee understands this value and holds it dear.


We believe our relationship with our clients is one of partnership, one based on mutual trust, and shared goals. Open dialogue helps to identify and clarify those goals. This relationship allows us to do our very best job for those we serve.


We never stop learning. While our craft can be complex, we pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with developments in our industry. We also take pride in educating our clients. We encourage our clients to understand what we do for them and how we do it.


We provide objective investment advice. We go to great lengths to ensure that no external influence clouds the decisions we make on the client’s behalf. This value is a major reason our firm exists.


Through thoughtful planning, TVAMP will be able to continue to serve our clients for many generations to come. As a team, we see the big picture, and understand it isn’t just about us.

We work to empower those we serve to Live Invested in their well-being, finances, relationships, and their community.


At TVAMP we enjoy actively assisting the community.

Listed are some local organizations and charities we are currently involved with, or have affiliated with in the past.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with and assist our community. Please reach out to us to discuss how we could partner!

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Your Financial Plan Should be based on Your Life and Your Goals

Our clients enjoy working with us because we share their values and appreciate that we care for them and not just their wealth.

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