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Burt Peake, Jr., CRC®
Burt Peake, Jr., CRC®Wealth Advisor

Burt Peake, Jr., CRC®

Burt’s favorite hobby is fly-fishing in the Smoky Mountains. For those of you who also enjoy this pastime, you know the perseverance it requires to be successful. Not only does a fly fisherman need an effective combination of equipment, he also must practice stealth and patience. A working knowledge of fish biology and the surrounding environment is also key. Fly-fishing is known as a “thinking-man’s game,” yet Burt comments it is “very relaxing” for him. He also ties his own flies— an art in itself!

Burt has 30 years of experience in wealth management in Knoxville. He was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University and his master’s degree from Western Carolina University. He has four grown children- a daughter and three sons. Watching his kids play sports over the years was very special, and now, he and his wife, Loretta, enjoy watching their success in their chosen fields of work. Faith in God has always been a big part of Burt’s approach to his family life and his work. His belief is that there is a greater plan for our lives.

In this industry, Burt understands that every client is unique, as are their needs. He uses his experience, his easy-going manner with people, and the opportunity of addressing the financial challenges that our clients face, to ethically present the best possible solutions for his clients’ needs. Wealth management, much like fly-fishing, requires an accurate combination of many different factors to be successful. It’s building a relationship, not just selling something, that keeps his clients coming back along with their friends and family.

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