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Cindy Card
Cindy CardClient Care Coordinator

Cindy Card

They say a mother is the key to a strong and healthy family and for Cindy, that’s been her job for more than 20 years. She is very thankful to now work for a company that truly cares for the needs of its clients, whether they be financial, emotional, or spiritual.

Cindy left a career as a programmer/analyst to care for and home school her three children in what she calls, “one of the best decisions of her life.” Now, she is applying her years of experience and passion for helping others towards a role with the TVAMP team. She joined in 2013.

Cindy and her husband, Mack, have raised three successful children and now they’re enjoying an exciting new phase in their lives: grand parenting!  She also enjoys cooking, reading good books, and spending time with people.

Learn more about Cindy, and her specific role, in the recent Team Spotlight she’s featured in here.

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