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Phil Glasgow
Phil GlasgowWealth Advisor
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Phil Glasgow

Among all the TVAMP advisors, Phil has certainly had the liveliest career path, which is rivaled only by his personality and entrepreneurial spirit. He began his career as a salesman while earning his degree in architecture at Oklahoma State University. Soon after, he and his wife, Carol, moved to Dallas, TX to raise their family, while he began a business focused on architecture and real estate development.

After 30 years and a downturn in the real estate market, Phil began a career at Mary Kay as Sales Promotion Director. Eventually he became the Vice President of Sales which allowed him to travel the world with Mary Kay.  Phil’s next career move was investing in and operating a small security and patrol company, which he built it into a publicly traded company and was eventually sold to a Swiss Investment Group.

Phil believes laughter is the best medicine, and stand-up comedy is something he’s had a passion for most of his adult life.  He had quite a stint doing stand-up comedy all over the country, performing in hundreds of comedy clubs and for corporations and churches. In the late 90’s, Phil settled down in East Tennessee, to build and operate The Glasgow Comedy Dinner and Show in Pigeon Forge.  Although this venture wasn’t a success, he admits this pursuit of a lifelong dream was a unique experience that grew him exponentially.

For the past 16 years Phil’s primary focus has been his clients at Glasgow Wealth Management—helping families with financial strategies for estate, investments, and retirement planning. 

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