Roch Monnig, Jr., RP®
Roch Monnig, Jr., RP®Operations Manager

Roch Monnig, Jr.,RP®

Roch (pronounced “rock”) is a proud Knoxvillian. He grew up in the Farragut community. His strong bonds with friends and family are what brings him true happiness.

Roch recently graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He says he has been intrigued by political issues for as long as he can remember. Not only is he interested in these issues, but he feels it is important to be part of a solution. Roch says this is precisely why you can find him working in personal finance! He believes helping people manage their own finances is a great way to address the fiscal and monetary issues in America.

Roch has had experiences in many significant roles over the years which range from sales at Apple to legislative intern at the Capitol in Nashville! If Roch isn’t at work, he’s probably reading, running, or listening to music. His favorite time of day is the morning, and his favorite place to run is Cherokee Boulevard.