• Roth IRA Many Benefits

A Roth IRA’s Many Benefits

Why do so many people choose them over traditional IRAs?

The IRA that changed the whole retirement savings perspective. Since the Roth IRA was introduced, it has become a fixture in many retirement planning strategies.

The key argument for going Roth can be summed up in a sentence: Paying taxes on your retirement contributions today is better […]

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  • Changes in the Retirement Benefits Landscape

Changes in the Retirement Benefits Landscape

A rundown of the big & little alterations coming next year.

2015 will bring COLAs, changes & something new. Each year, the retirement benefits landscape looks a little different, and next year is no exception. Here’s a look at what will change, what might develop, and even what won’t change for 2015.

The 401(k) contribution limit expands […]

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Monthly Market Commentary – November

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A rampaging bull market overcame two significant challenges in October – a 16-day closure of most of the federal government, and the threat of a U.S. debt default. Congress broke the stalemate with a short-term rescue – a deal which guaranteed government funding until January 15 and extended the nation’s borrowing authority until February 7. Investors were relieved, and the S&P 500 added 4.46% to its YTD gain during the month. As expected, the Federal Reserve did not scale back its stimulus. As assorted commodities alternately rose and fell, global stock benchmarks mostly rose. Social Security recipients got a mild increase in payments for 2014, and uninsured individuals who visited healthcare.gov mostly got frustrated. Signs of the housing market cooling down a bit emerged, but there was still good news from the sector.1,2 […]

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Reassessing Retirement Assumptions

What makes financial sense for some baby boomers may not make sense for you.
There is no “typical” retirement. Many baby boomers want one and believe that they will have one, and their futures may indeed unfold as planned. For others, the story will be different. Just as there is no routine retirement, there are no […]

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IRA Deadlines

Important dates for your IRA are coming in April.
Many of us associate April with taxes. We should also associate it with IRAs, for April is the month with the deadlines for IRA contributions and mandatory IRA withdrawals.

The deadline for your 2012 IRA contribution is April 15, 2013. For tax year 2012, you can contribute up […]

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