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Burt Peake, Jr., Wealth Advisor
Burt Peake, Jr.

Wealth Advisor

Meet Burt

Burt has 32 years of experience in wealth management in Knoxville. Many of his clients want a simple plan and a guide to help them make smart financial financial decisions through their life. Before he develops a strategy for clients to follow, he discusses financial challenges or “red-flags” that clients might face. For Burt, being a wealth advisor is about building a relationship, rather than selling something, that keeps clients coming back along with their friends and family. He joined TVAMP in 2016.

Burt was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University and then a master’s degree from Western Carolina University. Burt’s favorite activities include camping, fly-fishing, and reading. Burt & his wife have four grown children: one daughter and three sons. They recently entered a new phase in their lives: grandparenting!

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More than anything, I want my clients to understand what’s going on with their money. I’m always happy to answer questions.

– Burt Peake, Jr.

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