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Burt Peake, Jr.

Wealth Advisor


Burt has 30 years of experience in wealth management in Knoxville. Most recently, he was with FTB Advisors. In 2016, he joined TVAMP to become independent. He was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University and then a master’s degree from Western Carolina University. In every meeting, he makes time to answer questions his clients have regarding their investments and financial picture. Burt says, “More than anything, I want them to understand what’s going on with their money.” Many of his clients simply need help assessing where they are now financially, where they want to go, and how to get there.

Burt knows every client is unique, as are their financial wants and needs. He doesn’t miss the opportunity to discuss challenges that clients might face, as well. His decades of experience and easy-going manner help him present strategic financial solutions to his clients. For Burt, being a wealth advisor is about building a relationship, rather than selling something, that keeps clients coming back along with their friends and family. Burt & his wife have four grown children: one daughter and three sons. They recently entered a new phase in their lives: grandparenting!

Living Invested

Burt’s favorite hobby is fly-fishing in the Smoky Mountains. For those of you who also enjoy this pastime, you know the perseverance it requires to be successful. Fly-fishing is known as a “thinking-man’s game,” yet Burt comments it is “very relaxing” for him. He also ties his own flies— an art in itself!

Burt has written several blogs for TVAMP over the past two years. We call him our resident “thought leader.” He has a gift for packaging even the most complex investment concepts and money matters into simple terms. 

As a North Carolina native, Burt cheers on the Tar Heels each and every basketball season. His most fulfilling activity is keep up with his two year old grandson. Burt says his faith in God has always been the #1 influence in his family life and his work.

Favorite Quote

“Learn like you’ll live forever, live like you’ll die tomorrow.” -Unknown

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Diversification (Video) – By Burt Peake, Jr.

Diversification (Video) – By Burt Peake, Jr.

In a well-diversified portfolio everything doesn’t usually behave the same way at the same time. Since everything doesn’t go up at the same time, the upside returns on the portfolio may not track one particular index like the S&P 500 stock index going up, but the inverse is true as well, a well-diversified portfolio might very well ease the downside exposure when certain asset classes aren’t doing well.

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