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Tom Young, Wealth Advisor, TVAMP, Knoxville
Tom Young

Wealth Advisor

Meet Tom

Tom Young is a wealth advisor in Knoxville, TN. He joined TVAMP in December 2021. Tom has seven years of experience working with individuals and business owners; two years as a financial advisor, and five years in banking. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from ETSU. Tom’s desire to be an active participant in his clients’ lives, rather than simply handling their day-to-day transactions, led him to become a financial advisor.

Tom Young knows that when people feel intimidated by the complexity of managing their finances, they often just procrastinate or worse, unknowingly make financial mistakes.  Tom is passionate about helping people to take control of their financial future.  As a Wealth Advisor, he partners with clients to tackle retirement planning, investing, estate planning, tax strategies and other financial goals.  Tom adds, “I love the TVAMP mantra, ‘Live Invested,’ because it’s a powerful mindset crafted to inspire people to focus on what matters most.

Tom and his wife, Delaney, reside in Knoxville, TN, with their spoiled Chocolate Lab, Avett (named after the Avett Brothers- Tom’s favorite band).  They are expecting their first child this summer.  Tom likes to golf, camp, and dine with friends whenever possible, and Tom says his daily priority is to, “Be a living example of God’s grace and truth.”

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