Wealth Management Process

Our wealth management process is based upon building a comprehensive financial plan which is as unique as you are. We address the fundamental building blocks of planning: Survival, Lifestyle, and Legacy.


Survival is the foundation of the financial planning pyramid. Just as when building a house, establishing a deep rooted and robust foundation is the key to a successful build. In the Survival segment we evaluate emergency funds, insurance, and cash flow. Our goal is to ensure you have the resources in place to weather the storm.


Lifestyle is about discretionary items and luxury activities. Perhaps you like to take an annual trip to Europe, or add to your car collection. We address goals such as college planning, travel and vacationing, and big ticket purchases. Our goal is to ensure you can spend your time doing what you love, with who you love.


Legacy is how you want to be remembered. Transferring wealth from one generation to another has become increasingly difficult. We address issues such as estate planning, charitable giving, philanthropy, and trusts. Our goal is to ensure that you can leave your mark on future generations and provide for those who mean the most to you, in a tax-efficient manner.
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Next: Investment Management

The next phase of your comprehensive wealth management process is the management of your investment assets.
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