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Last Thursday we had our first TVAMP breakfast club meeting! Each month, we will host an informative breakfast meeting. The topics will vary and discussion is highly encouraged! We love getting people together to learn new things, share insights, fellowship, eat, and have some laughs along the way. Two of the Partners, Jeff Foster and Scott Fisher, hosted similar breakfast meetings in the past at their original territories. Scott comments, “when things get busy in a two-person office, unfortunately, client events got put on the back burner.” Since coming together as TVAMP, and forming a larger crew, we plan on staying committed to our client events!

This month’s topic was “Election 2016 in Perspective.” We feel there are some things you need to know – and some things you should ignore – about the upcoming election. First, our guest speaker pointed out some of the facts and figures of past election years, which proved “Neither party can lay a claim to delivering better market performance.” In the handout, you can read about the “Six Truths that Won’t Be Affected by the Election’s Outcome.”

There is one key fact to bear in mind about this election: Don’t panic! We’ve been here before. You might not expect it, but the election of 1800 was eerily similar to this year’s election. The race between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was the birth of negative campaigning. There were plenty of personal insults, attacks and counterattacks between the two. Scott expanded on some of their dirty campaign tactics. Then, he reminded everyone that “campaign rhetoric doesn’t always influence what ends up happening during a President’s tenure.”

Moral of the story: Stay the course and keep in mind, “The presidency does not affect the economy nearly as much as the economy affects the presidency.” It’s probably best not to let your reaction to who wins shape your investment decisions…

Be sure to check our “Events” tab regularly to see what we have planned for the next one! Seating for these meetings will be limited but if you miss the cut off, call us and we can put you on the list for the next one or let you know if someone cancels. When we have a corresponding handout, we will be sure to share it here in case you missed the meeting.