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Kristi Hill

Service Advisor

Professional Background
Kristi is a Service Advisor at TVAMP.  She works closely with our Wealth Advisors to help clients stay on the right financial path. She monitors our clients’ progress and checks in with them periodically. She says: “I consider it a privilege to build relationships with our clients. I love to learn about their life and make sure the pieces of their financial life are working together.”

Kristi has been in the investment management world for 22 years and is a knowledgeable and committed client advocate. One of her passions is helping the beneficiaries (loved ones) during the passing of a client. Kristi helps the family as they walk through the transferring of assets. Her patience and grace when helping these families is a great example of what she brings to TVAMP.

When Kristi isn’t working… 
Kristi enjoys golfing with her husband, summers days by the pool with family, and is a sports car enthusiast.