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At TVAMP, we believe life can be more joyful when we use an “Opportunity” mindset vs. an “Obligation” mindset.

On days your responsibilities feel overwhelming or even dreadful, try re-framing the situation. One way to do this is to say, “I get to do this,” not, “I have to do this.” For example, “I get to have 50 minutes to myself on the side of the pool, instead of I have to sit there while my kid is in lessons. I get to connect with people and learn something, instead of I have to go to this workshop.” See how a simple change of a word can help to remind you that there is potential benefit or blessing in most situations?

Another simple way to pull yourself out of a negative mindset when an upcoming activity isn’t immediately enticing is to say out loud, “This is good because” and then think through all the possibilities for why the activity or situation might have a positive angle. Sometimes the answer is obvious, and other times we need to dig deep and find the good thing, even though it’s tiny.

These two techniques can help you to look at challenging situations in your life as gifts, opportunities for growth, a chance to slow down or to connect with someone new. It’s just a matter of finding that upside. Even if it’s not certain, the potential for a positive outcome is there, and that will help you approach things from a better place.

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Adapted from an article written by Gillian Behnke for thriveglobal.com