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Our Client Care Coordinator helps us be an inspiration to our clients.

Cindy Card has been a valuable member of the TVAMP family for almost six years now.

She truly cares for the needs of our clients, whether they be financial, emotional, or spiritual.  As Client Care Coordinator, she has the very important responsibility of composing thoughtful cards, visiting clients, and calling those in need of encouragement. She also heads our company volunteer calendar. Each month, two of our team members spend the afternoon volunteering with The Love Kitchen or Angelic Ministries. 

Cindy loves gathering with her grandkids, cooking, and reading in her living room.

But don’t mistake her for a homebody; when she finds an opportunity to travel, she goes!  Over the past few years, she’s road-tripped to Canada, vacationed on the Gulf Coast, visited Japan and Korea, traveled across the nation to visit friends and this winter, she’s visiting Japan once again to see her daughter!

Cindy is a true inspiration…

She’d choose quality over quantity any day; that goes for relationships, friendships, and cuisine. Her favorite place to have a specialty cup of coffee is K Brew in downtown Knoxville.


This blog was originally published on July 17, 2017. It was updated on January 16, 2019.