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Investors are more educated and better informed than at any time in history, which has led to a growing awareness of both the plethora and seriousness of the issues confronting society.

Live Invested with Us!

We had a great first January Live Invested with Us event! Previously known as Breakfast with Us. 

Topic: Sustainable Investing
Location: Schulz Bräu Brewing Company,
Speaker/Host: Rob Eddins, CFP®
Time: 6 PM – 7 PM

Rob explained how sustainable investing works:

“Sustainable investing is an umbrella term for strategies that deliberately augment traditional financial analysis in investment decision making with analysis of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Roughly one out of every five dollars under professional management in the United States is invested using sustainable investment criteria; demographic shifts are likely to increase the flow of assets into these types of investments.”

And how it’s becoming more widely accepted, nearing the standard…

“Sustainable investing has evolved from its origins in exclusionary investing—known as socially responsible investing (SRI)—which focuses on avoiding investing in certain companies based on their products or business practices, to choosing to invest in companies that make a positive impact, without giving up the opportunity to obtain returns potentially similar to the broader market.”

Moving from a “why?”…To a “why not?”

Nowadays, investors aren’t forced to choose between purpose and performance. Some sustainable funds are designed to seek similar risks and returns as broad markets. Sustainable/social investing is on the rise because millions of everyday investors (like you!) now expect the world’s largest and most powerful multinationals to clean up their act. Why?

+ People are more educated and more informed about the serious issues confronting society than ever before

+ People believe government action by itself won’t do the trick when it comes to facing climate change and other pressing challenges

+ More women and millennials* are investing in global capital markets (*generally they tend to be more socially conscious investors)

The keyword here is still “investing;” so it’s not philanthropy – Implementing sustainable investment strategies is really about seeking a positive financial return while bringing about a positive change in some way. 



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