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This past Thursday, we got to cut a long, red ribbon with extra-large scissors! We are excited to announce that we are now working with Sevier County Bank (SCB) to provide investment & wealth management services to assist bank customers in all facets of financial planning. The business will operate as “SCB Investment & Wealth Management.” The first thing we wanted to do was share it with you, our TVAMP Family!

Up until now, we have been hard at work setting up technology, designing marketing materials, and getting everything just right at SCB Investment & Wealth Management. Eric Fitzgerald, CFP®, and Jeff Foster, CFP®, have been spending time at the branches getting to know the bank employees and educating them about what we do. Eric will be the primary advisor on site at Sevier County Bank. Relationships are important to us, so our top priority is to build lasting bonds with the people who make up SCB.

Spring is such a beautiful time in the Smokies; everything is in bloom, and there is a fresh-start feeling in the air. We thought the timing of the announcement couldn’t have been better! We are excited about this opportunity, not only for ourselves as a growing business, but because it means we have a chance to help make a positive impact on even more of East Tennessee! We believe building a better world starts at home. Eric mentioned, “There are very few careers where you can make a bigger difference in a person’s life than financial planning. We’re happy to be bringing such a valuable resource to their customers, and I look forward to working with them!”

SCB Investment & Wealth Management will start taking part in SCB’s community involvement efforts (fundraising, volunteering, etc.)! SCB Investment & Wealth Management joined the Sevier County Chamber of Commerce earlier this year.

Last weekend, the local newspaper, The Mountain Press, helped us spread the word! We’d love for you to check it out here!

Standing alongside the SCB team, we stretched the ribbon across the doorway to the new SCB Investment & Wealth Management! Glowing with a smile, Eric Fitzgerald cut the ribbon in half to announce the grand opening!