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One of our Founding Partners, Jeff Sweat, CFP®, shares his passion for serving God, his country, and his career. 

Senior Partner Jeff Sweat has been proud to serve throughout his life:

In the U.S. military, through his church and faith, and now through his work at Tennessee Valley Asset Management Partners (TVAMP). At TVAMP, as a senior partner and a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), Jeff helps lead our team of advisors and support staff. He said that service has always been a part of life, and that he is glad to have an opportunity to express that in his career. “I didn’t really want to climb the corporate ladder,” he said. “Instead, I wanted a job where my performance was directly tied to how hard I worked. I love helping people, and this job allows me to make a difference and ensure that clients get good advice, which can be a rarity in the financial world. There is too much bad advice out there.”


As a Christian, Jeff incorporates his faith into his daily life and work.

He seeks to bring genuine care into his client relationships and isn’t afraid to express his faith. “I share my relationship with Jesus directly when it’s appropriate,” he said. “Other times, I will speak about how blessed they are to have money and assets and point out the positives in their lives. I also tell them, when talking about retirement and how much money they need, that ‘None of us know exactly what God’s plans are.'”


As part of call to service, Jeff served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force from 1993-97.

Afterward, he gravitated toward the financial industry, becoming a financial advisor with Edward Jones before opening an independent practice in 2006.


In 2011, Jeff and the two other senior partners, Scott Fisher and Jeff Foster, decided to align their independent financial advising practices to provide even more value to clients.

The years since have been very rewarding on a personal level, he said. “This job puts you in contact with many new and different faces every day. Each interaction is an opportunity to make that person feel better. I like that. I just hope and pray all my impacts are positive. I serve to help my clients and impact them positively both financially and personally. I also serve to help positively impact the lives of my coworkers and provide opportunities for them.”

If you are ready to Live Invested®, TVAMP advisors are available to provide honest, realistic advice and customized investment management to help you on the path to financial stability. We match our investment strategies to meet the individual needs of every client. For more information, call (865) 226-9982 or visit tvamp.net/connect-to-us 



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