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This week we had a lot to celebrate! Two of our team members graduated from the University of Tennessee! Kyle, who was previously working part time through college, is now full time! He earned a degree in Finance. Roch, who recently joined our team, graduated with a degree in Political Science. They both have great communication skills, care genuinely about the wellbeing of others, and are a joy to work with! The TVAMP team is steadily growing. We work to ensure a strong foundation as we expand so that we can continue to serve our clients to the highest level! We have set the bar high and believe TVAMP has a bright future ahead.

Speaking of graduation and new beginnings, we feel that investing in others is one of the most important things you can do in life. “Live Invested” has become our unofficial slogan over the years! By bringing on young professionals such as Kyle and Roch, we add value not only to TVAMP, but also to their lives. There are several reasons we feel this way; diversity is a big one. A wide range of perspectives help keep our eyes open to the changing world. We believe in taking calculated risks, but we never want to lose our entrepreneurial spirit! Our average office age is 39.7! Having young people in the mix also helps keep us up to date on technology, brings a sense of energy to the offices, exercises our communication skills, and makes us sensitive to financial situations among many generations.

By the same token, we strive to make our company a great learning experience for everyone—especially for the ones beginning a career! The Partners encourage personal continued improvement and are open to supporting employees— whether it be through joining a local professional group or helping financially with the cost of educational resources. Most of our team has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry and are happy to share their knowledge! It’s a win-win!