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“Enrich and Inspire.” Two words featured on The Back Porch Mercantile’s (BPM) website.

Those are two words we also use quite often when describing our mission; “To enrich and inspire your financial lives.”

We can tell you from experience, you feel both enriched and inspired when browsing at BPM. It’s a wonderful store with unique home finds. There is a loft studio where styling and painting workshops take place.

This past weekend, we held our first Live Invested with Us event since February. Due to the current health pandemic, we scaled back seating and offered this as a “micro-event” for our clients and their friends and family.  It was a great learning opportunity for those comfortable with getting out and about on a calm Saturday morning.

We’re all having to be more home-focused this year… Working from home, eating and cooking more meals at home, and relaxing there more often. Jenny, the Owner of BPM, lead last Saturday’s workshop to show us a few ways to spark joy in your kitchen and dining rooms. “Losing the clutter and creating more bright spots (AKA appealing vignettes) will help lift your spirits while you’re inside.”

Here’s a summary of the things we learned!

Jenny’s favorite styling tips:

  1.  P l a c e   o l d   &   n e w   t o g e t h e r  : The juxtaposition of old and new makes a beautiful statement. For example, pair a modern table with a vintage French chandelier. Place a modern lamp on a rustic piece of furniture.
  2.  C r e a t e   a   c o l l e c t i o n  : Place a grouping of like objects together to create a beautiful vignette. Collection of white pottery grouped together in a cabinet, fill a glass box with mementos from a special trip.
  3.  U s e   v a r y i n g   h e i g h t s  :  Create a pretty scene by varying the height of items. Old books, a wood piece, or pedestal are good for creating a varying look.
  4.  M i x  y o u r   m a t e r i a l s  : Mix your metals like brass and nickel. If you have smoother materials, add texture with baskets.
  5.  D o n ‘ t   f o r g e t  : Green plants!
  6.  I n v e s t   i n   a   p i e c e  that is pretty and practical. Charcuterie boards make wonderful displays when not in use and are ideal for serving food.
  7.  I n c l u d e   h a n d m a d e   i t e m s  in your space. They make a statement and have a one of a kind feel. They reflect your own style, too.
  8.  W o r k   i n    o d d   n u m b e r s  : Use groupings of 3 for a small vignette. It’s a formula that works every time!
  9.  U s e    y o u r   p h o n e   c a m e r a  to help visualize a space. Snap a picture and see if anything looks out of place.
  10.  E m b r a c e   i m p e r f e c t i o n . Pieces that have age and patina over time look authentic in a space. It brings energy and dynamics to space.
  11.  C o n s i d e r    s c a l e ; Smaller spaces need smaller things and larger spaces need larger things.
  12.  Bring in things that make you  * h a p p y * in every room.

And when in doubt, ask: Is it functional? Is it timeless? Is it interesting?

Jenny also reminded us, “Rooms should reflect the person living there every day. Don’t be afraid to wait to find the right piece of art or furniture to make a space special.”

And in the words of Marc Jacobs, “I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. They are much more interesting.”

Below are some photos we took!

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A couple of interesting facts about BPM: The shop (and Jenny’s creative genius) has been featured on HGTV. Also, Annie Sloan herself has even paid the studio a visit when she led a chalk paint workshop!


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