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Gehrig, a recent high school grad and soon-to-be college freshman, spent four weeks interning at TVAMP. He’s interested in becoming financial advisor so he was eager to get a real life look at their day-to-day activities. He shadowed our advisors, client service team members, and helped perform tasks. He wasn’t sent on a coffee run once!

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Q & A with Gehrig


TVAMP: How would you describe TVAMP and your experience?

GG: TVAMP is a special place for clients and employees. I witnessed a lot of collaboration within the team and sat in on a handful of client appointments. I have a better understanding of each person’s role and how everything works together.



TVAMP: What led the advisors to become advisors?

GG: The advisors at TVAMP seemed to be naturally interested in finance and motivated by helping others. Many of them started in more transactional roles (banking, finance managers, etc.) but they longed to move into a more impactful role for their clients.



TVAMP: In your opinion, who needs financial planning/investment management?

GG: Honestly, every person could benefit from financial planning. TVAMP is best equipped to serve retirees or soon-to-be retirees (~10 years away) with ample funds saved up. There’s a lot of complexities clients run into at this point in their lives (estate planning, savings on taxes, prioritizing goals, planning for life’s big transitions). TVAMP advisors have the experience needed to help clients handle their money in the most efficient way possible. This takes a lot of pressure and worry off the client(s).



TVAMP: How would you describe long-term investing?

GG: Long-term investing is focusing on future results, rather than their current status or day-to-day fluctuations. The advisors design a plan and investment strategy for the clients, keep an eye on it, and host review meetings with them at least once a year. The advisors become the clients’ personal “financial guru.”



TVAMP: How was your first experience with a bear market?

GG: Interesting! TVAMP advisors made sure to communicate regularly with clients so there wasn’t much panic. It helped me understand that investing is all about perspective. During market volatility, investors should resist the urge to make emotional decisions such as selling on based on recent fluctuation.



TVAMP: Describe the TVAMP motto, “Live Invested.”

GG: “Live Invested” is a phrase they use to remind the team, clients, and community to live life on purpose. In other words, make the most out of your time. TVAMP partners with purpose-driven people to help them design a financial plan they can lean on.

Interning with TVAMP gave me a taste of what a career in financial advising could look like upon graduation. I’m grateful for the experience.


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