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What will you get at TVAMP? A reliable relationship and straightforward financial advice. Meet Andrew, one of our financial advisors!



Financial Advisor Andrew Cochran says his favorite thing about financial planning is, “It’s a process and we can always adjust and improve your plan along the way. The biggest question we ask our clients is, ‘What is this money for?’ And it really just comes down to the individual client (or couple) and what their motivators and priorities are…”

In this video Andrew also explains that what he does day-to-day might differ from what people think that we do…

He says, “Continuously we get asked about the market, and while that’s an important piece, managing your investments is only a fraction of what we do. At TVAMP, we focus on investor behavior management and comprehensive financial planning.”

Every financial advisor/planner at TVAMP reminds clients to focus on what they can control.  Andrew adds, “Our job allows us to be analytical and ‘run the numbers,’ but my favorite part is that it allows us to build a connection to people and make an impact on their lives.” 

If you’d like to speak with Andrew, or perhaps a different one of our financial advisors, call our office. There’s nothing to fear when you’re working with a TVAMP advisor. (865) 226-9982