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In just a few days we will have the first full solar eclipse viewable to much of the United States since about 40 years ago. There is no shortage of advice available from the experts as to where to go to view the eclipse, how to photograph the eclipse, and most important, how to protect your eyes from looking directly at the sun. This advice is important to safely and successfully experiencing the eclipse.

We are reminded of the similarities to the above-mentioned advice, in our roles as Wealth Advisors. We learn what you want to accomplish, we guide you through the hows and whys, and most important, what dangers, hazards and pitfalls we need to avoid in order to pursue your goals.

So, next week during the eclipse, be in the right place, using the right equipment, and above all, have the right eye protection. Then, let’s take the same approach with your financial situation. Let’s sit down and review where you are, where you are going, and what we believe is the best way to get there. There is no substitute for professional advice!

This blog was written by our very own Burt Peake, CRC®

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